The Astrophotography Sky Atlas


The Astrophotography Sky Atlas


  • The tabular index contains important details on each object, including a description, the best time of year to capture it, and the required field of view.


Seventy full-color charts cover the entire sky, with stars down to 9th magnitude and over 2000 deep-sky objects plotted in their correct size and shape, including many nebulae not found in visually-oriented atlases.

  • 416 emission nebulae and supernova remnants, including the complete Sharpless (Sh2) and RCW catalogs.
  • 171 reflection nebulae, including the complete van den Bergh (vdB) catalog.
  • 146 planetary nebulae, including the complete Abell catalog
  • 52 dark nebulae and molecular clouds
  • 792 galaxies (larger than 3 arcminutes)
  • 38 galaxy groups from the Abell and Hickson catalogs
  • 108 globular clusters (larger than 5 arcminutes)
  • 309 open clusters (larger than 5 arcminutes)With information on nearly every possible photographic target in the night sky, The Astrophotography Sky Atlas will help you choose your targets and plan your imaging.