Street Food


Street Food


  • In this illustrated cookbook, we share over 75 recipes from food trucks and street food vendors classics from all over the world, like: Cornish Pasties, Khachapuri drunken noodles, fish and chips, and Perogies. Don’t miss our Samosas or our Italian Calzones.


Street food is not a new phenomenon. Some of the earliest appearances we know about date way back to Greece, where little fried fish were sold in the streets, and there were a number of street food vendors identified during the excavation of Pompeii. In the days when many urban dwellers had no kitchens of their own, people often depended on street vendors for their meals, because this was less expensive than eating in pubs or restaurants.

Talented cooks are seeing the opportunity to go out on their own and share their creations with the public, and the public loves them for it!