Desserts for Two


Desserts for Two


  • From frozen, fruity desserts to more decadent creamy, chocolaty dessert, you will find many that will suit your taste.
  • The recipes have been divided into categories: Cakes and cupcakes, pies and tarts, Cookies, and squares, Frozen desserts, Puddings and custards, and Candies, truffles, and fudge.
  • You will find each recipe to be easy to make with little or no leftovers for two servings.


Desserts are sweet addictions for people across the world. Their delicious combinations of ingredients and delightful flavors have been beloved for many centuries, and chefs and ordinary dessert lovers alike are still coming up with new twists every day.

When you’re making desserts for just two people, it can be a very easy task to arrange the ingredients and prepare the desserts. Depending on your recipe, you can spend less time than cooking something that will feed a large family, and it allows you to relax with your significant other or to make something different for everyone – something you’ll especially appreciate.

Inside, you’ll find:
• Cake and cupcake recipes such as the Apple Walnut Cake and the Creamy Mini Cheesecakes
• Pie and tart recipes like the Chocolate Caramel Tarts and the Lemon Meringue Pie
• Cookie, and square recipe such as the Cranberry Lemon Cookies and the Choco Mint
• Frozen desserts like the Peach & Cream Gelato and the Raspberry Vanilla Sorbet