A British Columbia man claimed a Guinness World Records title when he spun a football on one finger for 21.66 seconds.

Abbotsford man Sandeep Singh Kaila, who previously made headlines when he broke the Guinness record for spinning a basketball on a toothbrush, said he decided to take on his latest record after discovering there was no current world record for spinning an American football on one finger.

Kaila said he chose Canada Day for his attempt as a tribute to his country. He managed to spin the ball for 21.66 seconds, and this week he received the Guinness World Records certificate that made his accomplishment official.

He said his next goal is to set a record in a competitive eating category.

“I want to do two records in eating,” Kaila told The Abbotsford News. “It’s a surprise but someone challenged me and I want to break his record.”