Trey Lance is the future of the quarterback position for the San Francisco 49ers. But 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan isn’t going to expedite the future into the present just because they’ve lost some games and had some struggles.

“You don’t just do that because you’re not playing the way you want to play and think you’re going to put a rookie in and think he’s going to be the answer to everything,” Shanahan said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area. “I don’t think that’s fair to him and I don’t think that’s right for the team.”

Shanahan said it’s just a matter of time before Lance becomes the 49ers full-time option at the position. However, Lance also isn’t fully healthy right now. He didn’t practice at all last week because of a knee injury and was only limited in practice on Wednesday. If you’re not going to make the switch to a rookie hoping he’ll fix everything, you’re certainly not going to make the switch to an injured rookie.

“I don’t think it’s the right time for him to start full time right now, especially when I don’t know if he can get through practice today,” Shanahan said. “I want to see if he’s healthy today first. And then when he’s healthy, for more than one day, then we will see when it will be the best time for him.”